Date of discovery: Jan 4, 2020
Location of discovery: suns orbit
Source photo:

Guys, I hate to break it too you but Helley's comet is a an alien spaceship! The ship measures about 6.5 miles or 11km across. So thats no small ship. It passes earth in its wide orbit, and next time it will pass earth is in 41 years 6 months from today. Thats Jully 27, 2061. The ship is at an odd tilt putting the top of the ship towards its destination and its floor toward the tail the craft is making to disguise itself. Why hide? Because they don't want humans to be frightened of them, they just want to make a flyby to check on things and humanity as well. Nice of aliens to put so much effort into watching over us and worrying about us. Its always good to have friends in high places. :)
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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Scott Waring

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