Date of sighting: Dec 3, 2019
Location of sighting: Staford Upon Avon, Great Britain 
Source: MUFON

The eyewitness and his family were looking out from their back yard and saw two glowing objects over the distant hills. The shimmering glowing objects were large and hovering in place. The eyewitness said one of the glowing objects disappeared before he could record it. Still this is an amazing capture. I believe these UFOs came from an underground base directly below this area. Their technology allows them to transport entire ships from the underground base, directly into the sky. At this point the ships then hover to get their bering and then leave. Also, it looks like there is another third UFO...dark...not glowing at the center of the video. Amazing catch, just amazing!
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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