Now NASA has announced that earth has a new moon orbiting us...yeah, that happens everyday...not. It arrived late last year in Nov or Dec of 2019...the exact same time the coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China. Yes they have been fighting it that long, but hiding it until January of 2020. 

I believe this city bus size moon (NASA says car size, but they always estimate down.) in earths orbit is actually an alien probe here to monitor how humanity survives or falls when this invasive lab created virus attacks the whole of humanity. They are watching, recording and trying to use that data to predict future reactions to future possible events. 

I decided to try to contact this probe in earths orbit. Since its monitoring us...I decided to send a message to the probe to ask for its assistance in destroying the coronavirus. My message is below.

"Welcome alien probe in Earths orbit. We have named you 2016 HO3, another name they call you is 469219 Kamoʻoalewa, NASA pretends that you are an astroid, but we the public know the truth. You are an alien probe sent to earth to monitor the existing coronavirus outbreak. Your assistance in stopping the virus would be much appreciated. This virus outbreak will kill millions of humans in the coming months with a death rate of 3.4-10% It will cause a lot of death. Your help is requested in stopping this coronavirus. Will you assist humanity on Earth? I repeat, will you assist humanity to stop this virus? I will assume your answer is YES. Scott C. Waring-Taiwan"

Now I used to send the message. I copied the message three times each time I sent it. A repeated message has a greater chance of being noticed. Spacespeak uses a radio telescope to send messages into space for free. Messages travel at the speed of light and getting into earths orbit it takes less than a second. It is guaranteed that this alien probe will read the message. But the real question is...are they here to record only, or to offer help?
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan
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Scott Waring

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