Hey everyone, let me take a break from UFO and aliens today and talk about something that in plaguing the world...coronavirus. 

I first became concerned that something was not right on March 13th, 2020 when Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft...his baby. This was the very week that American news began to panic as the coronavirus began infecting large numbers of Americans.  Nothing but an apocalypse could pull this man away from his child...Microsoft. I didn't understand at the time...but I began to link the patterns between Bill and coronavirus. I feel the evidence points to Bill Gates stepping down because he feel responsible for this virus.

I did some investigating and Bill Gates owns a laboratory, controlled and owned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Back in 2000 his foundation became the worlds biggest foundation in the world holding over 46.8 billion dollars in assets...including some laboratories. 

His laboratory has a patent on coronavirus...the very virus circulating around the world population at this very moment. I believe that the virus came out of this laboratory and into the hands of the Chinese. 

How? One of three possibilities;
1. It was stolen by an Chinese scientist working for Gates and taken  to or shipped to China. 
2. It was sent by Gates to China to have others work on it to help create a map and possible cures for future epidemics.
3. The virus was created by China in Wuhan...and they followed Bill Gates exact steps and process he lays out in his highly detailed lectures in 2015 at John Hopkins. Bill says how dangerous of a weapon that coronavirus could be...and maybe China wanted to harness its power. 

So...you see, Bill Gates himself is responsible for this coronavirus that is killing hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Although he stepped up back in 2015 to warn the world...in one way or another...he instead caused it to take place. 

And I leave with a quote by Bill Gates; "To win big, you sometimes have to take big risks."

Watch his lectures below...and decide for yourself. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Bill Gates Talks Coronavirus on TED April 2015. 

Bill Gates Tells You His Worst Fear...Says 50% Chance of Epidemic In His Lifetime. 

Millions Could Die From Bio-Terrorism, Gates Feb 2017

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Scott Waring

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