Date of sighting: January 6, 1969
Location of sighting: Leary, Georgia, USA

This UFO sighting is proof that these aliens have knowledge of the future and probably have time travel. 

In this interview with US President Jimmy Carter, he mentions something I have never heard him say before about the sighting. He said he saw the UFO flashing The color of the American flag. Thats right folks, the UFO not only knew who Jimmy Carter was at the time, but the aliens knew who Jimmy Carter was going to be in 8 more years. They tried to salute the future US president by flashing the American colors to him...for ten minutes. So it looks like Jimmy had the aliens blessings. They stuck around long enough to show Jimmy aliens and UFOs are real.  But I don't think anyone has ever linked the flashing colors of that UFO to the colors of the American flag before. I wonder if President Jimmy Carter ever thought about that. Watch the video below and listen to him describe the colors at the 33 second mark. I wonder what else the aliens did to Jimmy to help him? Did they manipulate his mind in any way? Did they try to persuade him to reveal the truth about the existence of aliens to the world? 

If the UFO stopped at about 500-1,000 meters away as Jimmy says, then for them to know who he was, they must have had some telepathy, some ways of reading human thoughts from far away to assess who it was standing there. Although he downplayed the sighting on national TV, if you read the details will see it left a lasting effect on him and that he did believe it was an alien craft. 
Scott C. Waring 


Carter’s UFO sighting began shortly after dark on a windless night. Jimmy Carter was standing outside the Lion’s Club in Leary, Georgia, waiting for a meeting to start. Suddenly, he and ten or more witnesses, sighted a red and green orb radiating in the western sky. Carter described an object that "it seemed to move towards us from a distance, stop, move partially away, return, then depart. Bluish at first; then reddish - luminous - not solid." "At times," reported Carter, "it was as bright as the moon, and about as big as the moon - maybe a bit smaller. The object was luminous; not solid." In an interview with the Atlanta Constitution, Carter described the moving nature of the event. He described the sighting as a "very remarkable sight." This is an important event, because many of the skeptical investigations done on the Carter sighting, have tried to paint the event as a ho-hum occurrence. None of the descriptions Carter has made of the event have ever described it as ho-hum. Jimmy Carter’s mother Lillian also confirmed that Carter had been very impressed by what he had seen. "The UFO made a huge impression on Jimmy," she stated. "He told me about the sighting many times. He’s always been a down-to-earth no-nonsense boy, and the sighting by him, as far as I am concerned, is as firm as money in the bank." Carter had, in fact, described the UFO sighting many times in the years since it occurred. In every instance, including the latest known telling of the story at Emory University in 1997, Carter has never backed off on the spectacular nature of the event. He has also never conceded that was he saw was some misidentification of a natural phenomena. Carter estimated that the object was three hundred to one thousand yards away. He estimated that the event had lasted 10 minutes. Then the object disappeared. Carter was so impressed by what he had seen, he recorded his impressions of the event on a tape recorder at the time.
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