Date of sighting: June 2020
Location of sighting: Isle of Wright, England

This young woman was keeping an eye out when she noticed several black metallic object in the sky shooting about. We were fortunate enough to get a clear video of the UFOs and they move around similar to cloud orbs. Very amazing video and since its from the island of Isle of Wright, I am convince that these UFOs came from an underwater alien base somewhere not far away. Its not one, but many of the objects, each flying at a different speed. 

Those certainly are not RC drones, because we can see them flipping in circles as they move...they are actually rotating as they move forward....not looping, but in a straight line spinning. It looks like they make make 1 spin every 2-3 seconds. Very baffling. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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