Date of sighting: July 2020
Location of sighting: Saddleworth, UK
News Source:

Here is another UFO seen over the UK. It is a perfect orb and was seen shooting across the sky at 5:30AM. The object seemed to make a whooshing sound as it passed which would mean its mostly silent except for the gusts of wind passing around it as it speeds up. Lots of alien activity in the UK this week. I looks like something big is about to happen over there, so if you are in that area, keep an eye out. The most common time of the day to catch a UFO is sunrise or sunset. Sounds odd, but true. 
Scott C. Waring 

News states: 
Alan, 49, whose hobby is watching owl activity, was in his car at Bleak Hey Nook, near Dirty Lane, at about 5.30am when he first heard a huge "whoosh sound" and then saw the blazing light in his rear view mirror. He turned round and saw the orb rising from the ball of light before it turned red and disappeared in the sky, dispersing into an arc. "The sound it made was like what you often hear when an aircraft has just landed, but it was really loud," said Alan. "I know it sounds incredible, but this is what I saw." Alan, a former design manager for a display exibition company, said: "I've seen some strange things on Saddleworth moor but I've never seen anything like this. It was amazing." Thankfully, Alan had the presence of mind to get his phone out and take some photographs of what he saw. He added: "I've never thought about whether there is life elsewhere in the universe, but judging from what saw on Sunday morning, it's got to be a distinct possibility. "It was beautiful morning with mist hanging over the landscape, and this thing came out of nowhere." Alan said he had reported his sighting to the local police who said they would investigate.

Above I marked the landing spot of the Devon UFO and the sighting of the Saddleworth UFO a week apart...but may have a connection. 

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