Date of sighting: Posted on July 19, 2020 Seen on May 7
Location of sighting: Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

This UFO was recorded over Rio De Janeiro. It was reported in July 19, but was recorded May 7, 2020. The UFO is clearly a geometric shape, but that shape changes within seconds. I see a five sided star, and then seconds later it has become a pyramid! Remarkable and bizarre and yet...its real raw footage. The shape shifting cannot be explained in any one point even the woman seemed to wipe off the lens of the camera to make sure it was seeing what was in the sky. 

I have seen two similar UFOs but spinning back in Oct 8. 1979 at a Dallas football game. The footage was noticed by the cameraman and the football announcer so they zoomed in on them and had no idea what they were...they were UFOs. The same type we see in Rio De Janeiro on May 7. 2020. I will place the video below to compare. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Below is May 7, 2020 UFO Over Rio De Janeiro. 

UFO Sighting over Dallas Cowboys Football Game Oct 1979, Close Up on TV, Real Video during game.

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Scott Waring

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