Date of sighting: Aug 12, 2020
Location of sighting: Patagonia, Argentina
Source: Instagram

Instagram user Nika.antea recently posted this amazing capture of a huge disk cloud over Patagonia this week. Its absolutly huge and I imagine the UFO inside that created this cloud is about 20% the size of the cloud itself. This reminds me of the UFO cloud seen back in 1957 by a US soldier. Because of what happened in 1957...we know today that UFOs make these disk shaped clouds. 

In September, 1957, Private Stone was stationed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. He was assigned to the Post Engineers. It was about 9 AM while he was working inside buildings in the Post Engineer section, when someone yelled to him and others to come outside to see the odd thing coming over head towards their area. Stone and five or six others ran out and spotted an odd, black ring, moving slowly, high above the tree tops but below the broken cloud cover. The ring seems solid enough, not a smoke ring and Private Stone guessed the size of the ring to be about 60 feet in diameter, with the ring width about five or 6 feet. (This was a guess, possibly incorrect.) Private Stone remembered his Kodak Brownie camera which was in his car. He ran over to the car, which was parked nearby, grabbed the camera and took six pictures in fairly rapid sequence. After the second picture was taken, the strange ring started to develop a mist around itself. The mist thickened rapidly until it was more like a small cloud and within 30 to 60 seconds the Black ring was completely enveloped within a small compact cloud of its own. Thus...the evidence that UFOs make undeniable. 
Scott C. Waring 

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Scott Waring

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