Date of discovery: Aug 7, 2020
Location of discovery: South Polar Region, Moon
Source photo:

This is a moon photo of the southern polar region taken in 1994. The photo is black and white and shows a lot of unique structures in it. I wanted to find exactly how many structures, so I went through it, coloring the structures yellow. I found about 20 structures, but there are more. I only identified the structures that I was 100% confident about. There was even a cross, distinct, detailed, modern, without doubt...a cross. Although I have identified about 5% of the polar region to be structures, I summarize that it may be closer to 20%. 

One face looks like a cat-like species ..similar to a face I found in high detail on Mars in the mountains. (click here to see old post).
Scott C. Waring 

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Scott Waring

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