Date of discovery: April 21, 2019
Location of discovery: Africa 

This ancient bone was discovered by Michael Tellinger of Youtube. He lives in South Africa and stumbled upon an giant ancient fossil of what he believes is a giant humanoid. I have to admit this does have the joint structure and the design of a giant bone. Remember that a fossil is a bone turned to stone, so fossils are rocks. This does have all the signs of being a fossil, but of what creature and what could possible be so big that it would have bones of such size? This does actually look like a hand or foot if it was 2 meters long, then that would make the person about 80 meters tall or more. That is huge, and honestly, this does look to be hundreds of millions of years old. There is no proof that this isn't a bone of a giant humanoid. But the shape, dimensions, and age seem to sway it to being real. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
I am excited to share this beautiful fossil bone of a giant humanoid or some other creature found on 21 April 2019 among the ruins of South Africa.

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Scott Waring

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