Why is there a squirrel in a NASA rover photo? I would really like to get to the bottom of this. NASA has refused to answer me on twitter and ignores all photographic evidence of the squirrels existence on Mars. So lets figure this out without them. 

First possibility is that the squirrel was brought to mars by NASA. Its possible that scientists at NASA put that little guy into a forced coma hibernation for months until it was to be released on Mars. Why do I believe its possible? Because it is and because this is SOL 52 on Mars of the rover, which means the rover had been on Mars for only 52 days. That squirrel was probably released in the first week of the landing and died in its location from heat exhaustion or lack of oxygen...because we really don't know how habitable Mars really is...because NASA lies to us. So they could by lying about the amount of oxygen and that squirrel could have lived for days or weeks. It might even still be alive in that photo since its eyes were wide open! NASA lies, thats a fact, so why should we believe them about the climate on Mars? We shouldn't. 

Second possibility is that this is not Mars at all. That NASA faked it to make America look like a world power again and to frighten other countries like China and Russia. Because the country with the highest tech is most feared on Earth. 

Third possibility is that the rover is on Devon Island in Canada. Its a very desolate location with hundreds maybe thousands of small islands with out any people living there. This one can be found on Google Earth map. On Google Earth you will see Devon Island and on Devon island are photos of NASA camps and scientists experimenting with the rovers...and guess what? Devon hills, rocks and dirt match photos of Mars exactly. Coincidence? 

Fourth, is that Mars has life on it. That this squirrel is one of the few animals still left alive. Now it does closely resemble a ground hog here on earth, and they have been known to live in African desert..the most hardest of conditions. Maybe eating roots or what ever. 

Fifth, this is not a squirrel but a rock so similar and so life like that it appears to be a squirrel. This seems least likely since humans are the most intelligent species on this planet and do not mistake squirrels for rocks. The human brain is 100% equipped to tell things apart and if this is a rock, then we as a human species are all insane. 

So those are five possible answers to this problem. I believe NASA would take the last one and call it quits to escape from this serious mistake they made. I for one, believe the first possibility, that NASA put the squirrel into a coma hibernation of sorts for months. Its been done on earth, so why not on a space craft? It is my opinion that this evidence is submissible in a court of law and should be used to force NASA into admitting experimenting on a squirrel. Which is acceptable science it is a science experiment and lab subjects of animals like dogs, puppies, cats, rats, mole rats, chimpanzees and much more are sacrificed daily in the name of scientific advancement. 
Scott C. Waring
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Scott Waring

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