Date of sighting: April 19, 2019
Location of sighting: Beijing, China

The skies above Beijing lit up with glowing areas of white light that seemed to have no particular pattern or reason. The lights caught the attention of most of Beijing, but it was seen by people that were 100 km away! That means the UFOs went to many locations, not just over Beijing. 

Also look at the photo above. The light is lumpy and contained. That means its not a spotlight from the ground. A spotlight would spread the light evenly in all areas and cannot make lumps like this in the clouds. 

According to the video, the lights suddenly appears as a group of spots, and then spreads into a plurality of spots, and moves quickly, sometimes ring-shaped, and sometimes resembles a pattern, and sometimes becomes another irregular pattern. 

Some eyewitnesses said that similar sightings of lights were occurring in different places in the country: "Shijiazhuang also has it." "Henan and Guangzhou can see." "Tianjin Langfang Shijiazhuang Tiandu with color, please explain?" "Zhengzhou also had some time ago." I thought it was a big corn light show , and the old family who were 100 kilometers away also saw it." "Why did you see it at the same time in the country yesterday?" "There is no similar light in Tianjin." "I saw it in Tianjin at 7 o'clock." "Shenzhen also had it last night." "Tianjin also has, around 9 o'clock, I saw!"

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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