Date of video: October 2009

This is an old TV news video, but it really has stuck in my head over the years. Meditation...something I easily dismissed as being possible, but after decades of UFO research I have found that it is a factual skill and a useful one when trying to summon an UFO orb to record. You don't have to be a religious or special, just realise a few things...and then put the effort in. 

1.  Understand everything is energy. You, me, the sky, trees, UFOs, planets, space. So there is no distance between us, we are connected already.

2. Silence your mind. Block out all problems, stresses and focus purely on your friends in the sky.

3. Get emotionally involved. If you don't feel message, then it wont be delivered. Emotions are the fuel that delivers telepathy. The stronger the emotions, the faster its delivered. 

I've done this and about 30% of the time got responses instantly. From a baseball size UFO 2 meters from me, to having an alien approach me saying the secret message in my head in front of my whole family in a museum, to even creating a 5.0 earthquake that almost made me fall while running in the park and telepathically sending messages to aliens. So...if I'm brave enough to tell you about my experiences, maybe you can be brave enough to try. It only takes one minute to 5 minutes to get a response. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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