Hi everyone. I entered this area about 15 years ago because of the chaos I saw. I saw eyewitnesses attacked by Phil Plait who I believe is working for the NSA to do so. I jumped in and stopped him. He knows me. Thats when I became famous. He stated, "I guess I gave you your 15 minutes of fame." He was referring to an argument on his blog between me and him about how he mistreated and verbally abused UFO eyewitnesses and researchers. So I started UFO Sightings Daily site to help. 

I created an order of doing things, reporting things, rule of presenting the evidence that began to change the community. However I inspired thousands of UFO bloggers and Youtube who thought they could make money at this area, unlike me, and greed is causing them to attack each other for profit. I thought they were motivated to help, but instead I see daily attacks on me and other UFO researchers in comments, reports and Youtube channels. Such greed would only destroy the UFO community.

The is something that you don't know going on. A silent war within the UFO community that has gone untold to the public for years. For years I had comments on my blogs and then turned them off suddenly. Its because about ten different UFO researchers were each leaving rude and crude comments on my site under every post. I traced them down to their UFO sites, and asked them to stop, but it only made it worse. So I turned off comments so I could continue my work undisturbed. They thought they could scare me away from UFO research so that they could make a profit reporting UFO and alien news. 

Then my site was attacked by negative SEO, which reduced my readers from 150,000 to 7,000 over night. I asked google over 5 times to do something but they never did. Apparently UFO sites are low on their list. So I made another site ET DATA BASE. 

Now on Youtube, UFO channels are being attacked. Secureteam10 lost their demonetisation (adsence) but then got it back. Thirdphaseofmoon lost it and then got it back. But lots of UFO channels are currently reporting that some videos are being reviewed by Youtube because it might not be allowed to have adsence on it. I talked to six channels with this problem. 

Other UFO researchers are leaving rude and crude comments on my Youtube channel again. Probably because they are jealous of the attention I get or because of they are jealous of the discoveries I make. Ether way, most the negativity about my discoveries comes from UFO researchers not getting attention. 

Here is the deal, Google owns the platform my UFO Sightings Daily site is on, Google owns Youtube, Google owns Adsence. DO YOU SEE A PATTERN YET? Because I sure do. UFO researchers worldwide are being attacked by Google, which is an organisation worldwide controlling information that people are allowed to see. That Google itself is attempting to cleanup and delete the UFO community from the Internet. We are under attack by Google. 

I understand others greed for money has created a lot of chaos in the UFO research community, but why is Google attacking UFO researchers unless they are working with the US government to cover things up?
Scott C. Waring
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Scott Waring

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