Date of sighting: Oct 2019
Location of sighting: Newman Village, Virginia, USA

Watch this raw footage as a UFO cloaked in a cloud slowly moves through a parking lot as it it belongs there. The people watch this strange object and one person even says to go over and touch it, but the other person says no way thats happening. Another perron suggests its a spaceships. I believe that is correct. This is a very small craft that is normally in the sky and built with a cloak that makes a cloud around it. You can even see the cockpit window in the front of it. The right angle on the back is clear indication that there is a craft inside and that they are probably revealed by accident...they thought they were invisible, but they totally forgot to turn off the cloud cloak being on. Even aliens make mistakes. This is an excellent discovery by Youtube channel Terrys Theories
Scott C. Waring 

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Scott Waring

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