Date of sighting: Feb 22, 1996
Location of sighting: Earth orbit

Filmed during the STS 75 mission launched on Feb 22, 1996 when an entire UFO fleet shows up behind the space shuttle. The Columbia space shuttle was in orbit around earth when they noticed these diamond like craft shimmering below them. This was the 19th mission of the Shuttle Columbia...which means this shuttle was being watched by aliens closely due to them knowing the future of this spacecraft. You see, alien knew this shuttle would explode on its 28th mission, killing all seven crew members on Feb 1, 2003. Aliens are ancient and have been around millions of years before us, some billions of years. Time travel is just one of the doors opened when they discovered faster than light travel. 

So you ask why were they there? To show humanity that they are not alone, that risking their lives to explore space is worth it. That today we fly side by side with an alien species...united.
Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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