Date of discovery: May 5, 2017, but made video of it today.
Location of discovery: Meridiani Planum, Mars
NASA source:

 I found a crashed propeller shaped UFO on Mars this week. The UFO has left a long crash trail behind it as proof from the direction it came. As the UFO fell slowly to land, it hit the edge of the rock cliffs and broke the cliff. Then it slightly rotated and the tracks turn about 45 degrees then go straight to the UFO. The tracks are the same width as the UFO bottom, so this is 100% evidence that the UFO did make the tracks behind it. This is the first time I ever found a propeller shaped UFO, however its not the first time I ever saw one.

I once recorded a propeller UFO that turned like a wheel over my apartments here in Taiwan about 6 years ago. The UFO was about the size of a motorcycle and it rotated inside of a cloud. I had it on infrared video, however, back then I didn't know how to keep the resolution of the video and when I uploaded it to Youtube, the resolution dropped, so the UFO was almost impossible to see. It was already hard since it was just 3 propeller blades rotating slowly in the cloud like an upright wheel, slowly rotating, churning the cloud. IR video recorders are the only way to get the hard core evidence quickly that you want. 
Scott C. Waring

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