Date of sighting: 1910
Location of sighting: Niagara Falls
Source: MUFON #104308

A person was going through some old photo and came across one of Niagara falls. Above the falls was a classic disk UFO. The raised upper center area is clearly a dome. The object is large and is recorded from the bottom area of the falls. It looks like its about size of a city bus. If it was hovering there, surly the person must have seen it, but if it was speeding past and inadvertently got caught in the photo, the person would not know until they saw the photos later. Either way, its an awesome classic disk. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
One day going through Family photo album I noticed this photo taken at Niagara Falls some where between 1910. No body in the family has noticed it either until I pointed it out in 2018. Look for your self and then you tell me what it is? Sure matches the description one would give back then.

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Scott Waring

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