Date of sighting: Nov 16, 2019
Location of sighting: Yuma, Arizona, USA
News source:

This UFO was seen way over near Yuma not far from the US boarder which makes me wonder if its a inflatable drone used by US boarder agents. When I searched...I found that such a border drone does exist. Here are the screenshots below. I see the three white fins in the back, the hump in lower middle area and its color all match this Boarder patrol drone photos I found. Sadly I have to say nope, not a UFO this time. But still...very cool video. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

News states: 
In the video, the truck driver can be seen standing in the desert next to the road after pulling in his vehicle. Explaining the clip, taken on November 16, he says: “I’m a truck driver, I’m driving back from Yuma, Arizona, and I look up in the sky and I see this thing. “I have no idea what that thing is. “I’ll try to zoom in on it for you here, it’s kind of hard to tell, with the sun, what I’m looking at.” The object appears to be bright white and have three arms set at a 120 degree angle to each other. “What is that?” he asks. The object also looks as if it is longer than it is wide, with an area appearing as if it in shadow. “It’s just floating there,” the truck driver adds.

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