Location of discovery: Jenner Crater, Earths Moon
Source: Book, Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas. 
Correction. In the video I said miles, I meant meters. My bad. 

I found this extraordinary human looking face on earths moon in Jenner crater. Jenner crater is huge, 74,000 meters in diameter or 119,000 meters. That means the face itself is also huge at 25,000 meters. 

The source of the photograph is actually a disk that comes in a book. The book is Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas and it has some good stuff inside with some original unedited photos of our moon. 

The face is 100% proof that aliens exist, and they are leaving signs across the universe for us to find...when we are ready to accept them. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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