Date of sighting: December 1-30, 2019
Location of sighting: Colorado + Nebraska, USA

Many are calling these objects drones, but its also possible its not a drone fleet but a UFO fleet. You see Colorado is famous for its glowing white round balls of light flying from the mountains during the day and night. If this is an alien fleet, that would explain why its seen all over the USA, not just one location. I mean UFOs can change speeds fast and could easily travel from Colorado To Nebraska in a few seconds. And since I have not found any raw footage of a drone fleet anywhere...I rule that out. Nothing could do that in such a widespread area unless it has alien technology in it. Lots of reports and not one photo or video of a drone fleet. Thats odd. 

The sheriff states that the drones were seen flying in a grid patter, following a square shaped area path, scanning it, then moving on to the next grid. Often seeing 17 or more at once, they have appeared every night from 7pm to 10 pm, yet not a single video of them exists. 

Clearly the flying objects were searching for something, something below the ground, something of importance. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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