Date of discovery: 2011
Location of discovery: Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Google Earth Coordinates (deleted): 34°21'12.33"S 18°29'24.02"E

Guys, I found this UFO way back in 2011 and had it on my old channel, but I just transitioned from a windows computer to an Apple computer and was still learning the ropes. So there was no sound on it. It was taken by others and some said it was a fake because of no sound. Its 100% real and I know because I made the video in 2011 on my old channel UFOTeamTNT. 

This UFO is the exact same craft worked on by Area S4 Nuclear engineer Bob Lazar. This leads me to believe that there is a USAF top secret base in the area of Cape of Good Hope.

The fact that the UFO was deleted within 4 weeks of announcing it to the world is evidence that Google Headquarters is infiltrated by aliens trying to control the minds of the public by controlling what we see and don't see on Google maps, searches and more. Thats right. I am accusing the higher ups in Google of actually being alien species that believe they are our overlords. Please watch the video below to see the original and learn why Google deleted it. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan UFO Researcher

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Scott Waring

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