I was looking at photos of Banksys Hotel when I accidentally discovered a photo of Banksy in a photo. He was texting on the phone with two hands...the same way he often holds the microphone in concert. Yeah, you heard me right. Banksy in real life is a separate world famous musician and artist! Watch the video to find out exactly who he is and see the proof!

You see, my skills work in real life situations too. O_o

I wonder, if Banksy himself is an alien trying to help focus humanity on the problems surrounding them? How can one person be two world famous people? OMG!
Scott C. Waring

Photo source:  https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/banksy-hotel-west-bank-guesthouse-opens-in-bethlehem-offering-worst-view-in-the-world-a3481306.html

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Scott Waring

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