Guys, I appreciate the support, but I want to take a break on blogging to work on my Youtube channel. I have to switch up, look at things different, see the bigger picture. I'm hitting an all new audience with a huge pack of supporters already who have my back. 

With Stanton Friedmans death and not long ago Streetcap1s death, a huge gap was left. I could never fill such shoes, but I have to try to help. Thats what friends do. 

I will make more videos...did you know in the last 30 days I made 55 videos? I make no money from Youtube. I want to increase my subscribers and if I do, I will come back to blogging. Until then, I need to focus on Youtube for a bit. I think you will find a lot of surprises there. More truth than you knew existed on some channels. 

Now...I got some videos to make. Back soon.
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan
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Scott Waring

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please provide instructions on how to work on ones youtube.