Date of sighting: April 23, 2019
Location of sighting: Manitoulin Island, Canada

These photos of rings around the sun where taken by Christine McNaughton on Twitter last week. She posted photos of a sunset from an island in Canada and remains baffled by what could possible be the reason for these rings. 

Remember, the sun sets in the west, not north, so northern lights are ruled out. Also since the great lakes sit to the west, I would say this was caused by a over abundance of energy surging over the lake in that area. Now live atomic bombs have been lost in those lakes, but if this wasnst seen from other areas, then it couldn't be a atomic bomb from WWII era. It could hoverer be a massive UFO rising out of the bottom of the great lake. This UFO would have to be driven by a huge amount of energy and would be forced to sit there until after sunset when its safe to fly away under the cloak of darkness. It defiantly sounds like evidence of an underwater alien base in that direction on the lake floor. 

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Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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