Date of sighting: January 29, 2020
Location of sighting: 45 Miles From Baker, Nevada

This video was taken on the extraterrestrial highway. An area famous for its UFO sightings in the middle of nowhere. This video is an awesome capture of an actual alien craft in the Nevada area. This object is 40 miles from Baker city and 132 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada...which is easy to find out by looking at the road sign at the 14 second mark in the video. Las Vegas has Nellis AFB which has given some land behind the old firing range to the Tall White Species, in exchange for friendship and technology. But this is also not far from Area 51. This UFO is about 1km across using the mountains to determine its size. Thats a mothership...and its following the mountain range...and guess what? The mountain range leads directly to behind Nellis AFB...the Tall White location. This is 100% proof that alien activity is still happening in Nevada. I love the detail on this one. It has an open payload door area at its top, lower center has a white shiny half dome...classic disk shape. 
Scott C. Waring 

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Scott Waring

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