Photo above is an extreme close up I made of the real photo from wiki. Never before seen this close before. This is it. SCW

Scientists are announcing a mini moon now in earths orbit. The objects was noticed on Feb 15th. The object is said to have come from deep space, and settled into an orbit around earth. Well, I call that perfect timing. It came just in time to witness humanity fight the coronavirus. Coincidence...I think not. 

The object is said to be only 1.9-3.5 meters across but the accuracy of this is in question. I personally have seen many NEO (near earth objects) on the nasa site and they say the size...lets say 10 meters and when it comes closest to earth then leaves...the size is announced to be something closer to 25-35 meters. So we know this object in space is not 3.5 meters, but more likely closer to 10 meters across or more! NASA always downplays the size of objects out there. 

Whey now? Why did a UFO go into orbit around earth now? To record, watch and research how humanity copes and tries to deal with Coronavirus. Aliens may know than we do about its capabilities. They may be here not just to witness humanity fight the virus, but to see if we can avoid a possible ELE (extinction level event). You see, we don't really know the truth about the virus, its death rates are incredibly higher than the low estimate the US gov is give us. Its also possible that at the peak of the virus...when 20% of the worlds population has could mutate, making itself immune to medicines that are being tested to work against it. Each virus creates a 1% mutation on each patient...if it finds a way to carry this mutation to the next person...then it could be a 100% death sentence. No one knows what will happen at its peak, everyone has been wrong so, we need to consider other possibilities. An ELE is one of those we ethically need to consider. 
Scott Waring - Taiwan 

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Scott Waring

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