Date of discovery: Oct 26, 2013, but reposting new photo link
Location of discovery: Passing Earths Moon

Although I discovered this back in 2013, I had to check to make sure NASA didnt delete the source photo...and of course, they did. I did however find the same photo on the Wiki site. Lets see how long that lasts, shall we?

Mission: Apollo 9, 179 Nautical Miles above Earth, or 324km in orbit. 
Camera: HB Hasselblad, 80mm, 
Film: Kodac Ektachrome, Frame 23 

UFOs that were over 2-3 km long have been seen and reported by pilots and other eyewitnesses, I myself have reported UFOs in NASA photos on the moons surface that were about 10km across in comparison with the nearby crater who's diameter is known. Here again are three UFOs, long and giant in size flying past the moon and recorded by none other than NASA! Its a glitch, a scratch, a cheap lens on your scope...sorry boys, NASA buys only the best quality and highest performance parts for its observations, but thank you for playing. Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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