Date of sighting: April 8, 2020
Location of sighting: New York City, New York, USA
Source: MUFON 

This is some great raw footage of a UFO that looks like a cube that is following a woman as she walks a dog. As she moves down the street, the UFO also moves to keep her in view. John Lennon himself has said he and his wife saw a UFO back in 1974 in New York you know its possible its still happening today. Awesome raw footage taken during lock down of coronavirus. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
Good morning, My name is [name removed] i'm 34 years old and i live in New York City. Last night, Wednesday April 8 2020, I went out my apartment (Upper west side) at 8pm to bring out my dog for a quick walk. As soon I went out i notice this bright light in the sky, I didn't pay attention that much thinking was an airplane even if was to low because was close to the building but still was up to the sky. I did half block with my dog (82 street and Columbus avenue) i stopped (dog has to smell) and again notice this light that move position, but was not going in a clear direction as airplane will do) so i start to pay more attention to this light . When I walk i notice this light also moving and when i stop even this light seems stopping parallel to me! That was funny and I take my phone and start to recording this wired light! I had my phone pointing this light and my dog leash in the other hand but my dog start to get nervous and he start running in our home direction so I stop the video and bring him inside to come out right after. At 8.10pm i was out in the street to be able to see this funny light that catch my attention and recording. I end up stay out till almost 9pm going up and down the same blocks (82nd street till 84street) back and forth and this light clearly did the same!!! I have almost 30 minutes of video were you can see the street (the pizzeria in 82nd, the school in 83, the supermarket in 84 and this light always above moving also up and down! i make a joke that i end up "walking the light" instead my dog!! :)

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Scott Waring

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