Date of discovery: July 20, 2020
Location of discover: French Jeton, 1701

First, thank you to those who donate, I do use 100% of it to purchase these unique items to make videos about. 

Its like Da Vinci hiding symbols with meaning and code into a painting, sculpture or architecture. Its there...but are you ready for it yet...most are not. 

I was looking over some old french coins online and came a cross a French Jeton...a token which had an alien message on it. The messages was sent to the future on a tiny French coin that would go overlooked for hundreds of years before the message was realized. 

Notice that there is a satellite dish on this coins back with a beam coming out of it...aiming at a bright star. Now the star looks like the sun, but its hard to say for sure. Whats easy to notice is the words in English at the top of the coin...ET. Sure this means and in French...but it was strategically placed there to let others know...that this alien was on earth in 1701...trapped and already influencing the French culture. 

Alien species have influenced the development of humanity throughout our existence. Look outside, take a look around, do you really believe we did all this by ourselves?  
Scott C. Waring 

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Scott Waring

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