Date of sighing: Aug 9, 2020, Sunday
Location of sighting: Matsu, China

This fleet of UFOs was seen entering our atmosphere over the ocean off the coast of China a few days ago. The long glowing lights stood on end in the clouds between the Chinese islands of Matsu and Kinmen. This also happens to be the same day that here in Taiwan...the US secretary of Health visited with the Taiwan president. Its the first time in decades that such a high US official has visited Taiwan to show China that the US and Taiwan are friends and that the US will watch over us. Taiwan has taken Hong Kong already and wants to do the same with Taiwan. 

I believe this is a sign of military strength of alien to show China that they are there...they are watching...and peace is the only answer. How do I know? Because they are spread across the China coast area 100% covering the area of Taiwan 45 miles away. Aliens do interfere ..when they have calculated the odds of something they appear to try to changes the outcome they see occurring...changing the future. Perhaps they saw China attacking us on the 9th...the day the US diplomate came? I know China wanted to, but knew they couldn't risk such an attack...especial with the US diplomat here. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Taiwan News states: 
The night sky of Matsu and Kinmen is very mysterious in the early hours of Sunday morning! Because some people photographed the sky and clouds, there were particularly bright and unidentified light spots, and some netizens asked if it was an alien UFO that appeared? We asked meteorological experts, and the answer was revealed. In fact, this is a "light beam phenomenon," and it is also regarded as a "laser show of nature." It is indeed quite rare in the subtropics.

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Scott Waring

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