Date of discovery: July 2, 2019
Location of discovery: Japan
Coordinate: 31°52'0.66"N 129°57'15.71"E

I was using Google Earth Map when I found this symbol in the ocean. Its about 1-2 meters deep and close to 6 meters across. The symbol looks old, not thousands, but millions of years old. For it to be s visible it must be carved very deep. I tried to match this up ancient Japanese but found nothing that was similar. 

Its possible that millions of years ago, and an alien culture came down in this location to create a city. Its also possible that this city was Atlantis itself. Its obvious from the evidence world wide that aliens did inhabit the earths surface millions of years ago, but this may be one of the few locations were alien writing has been found. 
Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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