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Hey everyone. I received a message from a reader and then checked an Apollo UFO I reported two weeks ago. IT HAS BEEN DELETED FROM THE PHOTO! NASA is using my discoveries to delete them from their index! 

The reader leatherneck joe states: 2 days ago Scott, you showed a video about a UFO about a week or so ago well I think NASA has changed all of the apollo images they blurred those pictures, remember how clear they were now the pictures are not even worth looking at apollo 11 thru 14, 70mm hasselblad films. They are so bad that you don't want to look at the images I think I might know why they change those pictures, a man return a reply to me and he said that I shouldn't give people apollo images, come to find out he was Jim Oberg of NASA,.... sorry.....I place the apollo AS# on line of some pictures..check out apollo 11 thru 14 there piss poor...oh yeah that was a good find.......

I checked the Apollo index for 11 and found that all the high resolution photos now say "Print resolution jpg 0MB size". They have been altered. They use to say 5mb or 10mb sizes. NASA had edited them before the public learns the truth. They only reason NASA would lower the resolution of its Apollo index is to hide the truth...and ether its that aliens exist or...Apollo never really landed on the moon. I believe it may the they faked the moon missions to intimidate other countries into believing America was technological superior to all other countries...but in reality, it the moon landing took place on a stage in Hollywood. 

So, NASA is again starting to delete my discoveries and many have already stated to be deleted as this one is. This UFO was in the photo, but now the photo is about 50% more blurry and the object is covered with a black dot area, which can be seen if you add lots of light to the photo. 
Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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