Updated July 25, 2019: its the next day now and I see Google took the warning down. I still see no reason for Google to put one up, but I will keep this video up so there is evidence of it happening. SCW

Source:  https://mufoncms.com/last_20_report.html

Guys this is nuts! Google is attacking MUFON calling the UFO reporting site a hacking site and telling visitors not enter or risk losing passwords and valuable data. That MUFON is a deceptive website. Its not, its a safe place for anyone to report their photos or video of UFOs that they have seen and for others to read them. It really looks like Google is working with the US government to edit and delete all UFO evidence. This is100% proof  that Google and the US Gov are working together to control what the public knows. 

Whats your thoughts? SCW

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Scott Waring

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