I was looking over Taurus constellation using a sky map and found these two giant orbs objects. They are actually moving and there is a glowing trail behind them from where they came. That means they were moving very fast, and then came to a stop. 

I see a lot of similarities between these donut objects and the pulsing donut UFOs seen by NASA during the Tether incident. The objects that looked like this actually broke the 5 mile long tether in the middle by passing through it. The UFOs during the tether incident were huge! Several miles across! Many people mistakenly assume the objects were just inches in size. 

I am also thinking that they could be mega structures, space station like spacecraft that jump from location to location. Its really hard to tell unless we can send a space craft to investigate it, but I'm sure its long gone by now. This thing travels fast, but these seems to be a lot out there according to the tether incident NASA video. 

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Scott C. Waring-Taiwan 

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Scott Waring

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