Date of sighting: Aug 2019
Location of sighting: Over Mexico

This object was recorded by a person in a passenger jet over Mexico. The object seems to pass below the jet. The control is too big to be a jet or even several jets. There are only two possible explanations. 1st its a UFO entering earths atmosphere. Or 2nd, it is meteor entering earths atmosphere breaking up. 

To me it seems to be going too slow to be a meteor. This is a UFO. Its hidden in the cloud but is black and huge. Parts of it are sticking out of the front end showing reflectiveness. Clearly this UFO was trying to quickly hide from view of the passenger jet and created this cloud around it, but you can see it moving forward and the black UFO revealing itself a little bit. There is also a white diamond shaped UFO hovering above the black larger UFO. Can you see it? Its two UFOs! One guiding the other. 

There are several volcanos near Mexico city where huge UFOs have been seen entering and exiting on live cam. This UFO was headed to one of those volcanos, where an underground alien base sits 5-6km below the ground.
Scott C. Waring
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Scott Waring

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