Date of discovery: Aug 16, 2019
Location of discovery: Moon Neptune and Triton
Source Photo:

Guys this really makes me angry. Its one thing to see those Instagramers using photoshop for selfies, but its another to catch NASA using it for photo that they make public. 

I wanted to have a better look at this photo, so I downloaded it and added light to it. Suddenly I saw a mess all around the edges of the photo and across its surface. The photo looks grainy and sandy. Its got scratches and brush marks on it, as if someone used a paint brush to wipe off the dirt from a camera lens. I'm really not sure what NASA did. Did they paint this scene and pretend its a photo? Or did they turn this horrible photo into a HD perfection by using photoshop to fool the public? That original photo was literally garbage! And the used photoshop to make it acceptable by the public. Thats like feeding people recycled food when they thought they were eating freshly made food. It sickens me. 

One thing is certain, we cannot trust NASA to release unedited photo to the public. This is 100% proof they edit photos and if they do that, they also will edit out alien structures and ships. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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