Date of discovery: Aug 2019
Location of discovery: North East USA

Here is a report that was turned into Coast To Coast about a deer that was found on top of a power line. The power line is 22 feet up and seems to have been dropped from above. I don't believe an each is big enough to carry such an animal. That is one big deer. So the question is...did a UFO drop the deer out after doing experiments on it? I think to know that for sure we need a closer look at the deer to examine it for puncher woulds, cuts, bites and such. That would be the only way to learn what it was that caused this to happen. UFOs are known to sometimes abduct a person or explore and examine things in nature. 

There was even an old UFO report about such an incident being witnessed in the mounts of the US. Its was Feb 25, 1999 in the Cascade mountains near Mount St Hellens, Washington. A team of forest workers watched as a UFO came down from the sky and hovered over a elk. Then the UFO rose up and lifted the elk with an invisible force. The forest workers watched as it moved higher and higher vanishing above. (redition photo below). So you see, its very possible a UFO abducted the deer and its even backed up by past sighting evidence. Not to mention thousands of animal mutilation incidents caused by aliens doing medical research on the animals. 
Scott C. Waring

Coast to Coast states: 
Conservation worker and C2C listener Bruce shares this bizarre photo of a deer that somehow wound up atop a power pole in a rural area somewhere in the northeast. According to Bruce, the most likely explanation for how the deer wound up there is that it was hit by a train, since there are train tracks several yards away. However, he notes, "the deer would have to have traveled in the air approximately 45 feet (across) to the pole and reach a height of approximately 22 feet (up) to reach the top of the pole."

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Scott Waring

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