Date of sighting: August 8, 2019

This orb was recorded on a deer cam a few nights ago. The orb is seen near the animals, observing and following them as they eat the grass. These orbs are thought to be alien drones which enable aliens to see, hear and even feel the things around the orb drone. Most aliens cannot live with our air, gravity, bacteria and other elements that may be fatal to them. Each species adapts to their own planets environment and each planet has a different environment in which life sprung forth. For instance we often make the mistake that all life must breath air...but its not true. For instance two years ago Russian astronauts cleaning the space stations solar panels found reported finding giant plankton living on the solar panels in space without air. Of course NASA ignored this and never reported anything about it, but Russia got credit for finding the first alien life on that day. 

Humans are not the only interest to aliens, our whole planet and every living thing on it is of interest to them. This camera has an infrared filter on it and flashes an IR light allowing it to see anything in the area, even if it was cloaked. A normal camera might not pick up this orb in the daytime. 

Scott C. Waring
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Scott Waring

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