Date of sighting: August 11, 2019
Location of sighting: Jackson, Wyoming, USA

This is a great video of a UFO over Jackson, Wyoming last weekend. This is not just a disk, but an orb maker. Its planting orb drones every so often to cover and record an area. At 2:36 it becomes very bright...and produces a drone...which you can see below it. This is a rare catch. I only see a video of a seeding event every few years. This video is teaching us why the UFO came. To gather intel. Also, it will come back for the mini drones in a few weeks. Till then the mini drones fly around from cloud to cloud, usually cloaked, but can be easily seen with an infrared camera. They will follow birds, planes and explore while recording everything.
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
The reader who sent in the video, who wishes to remain anonymous for her job’s sake, was working a night shift and decided to keep an eye on the webcam at Spring Creek Ranch, from SeeJH because she knew the Perseid Meteor Shower was active and she might catch a glimpse. Then, at right around 3:41 a.m., she saw something on the screen that caught her eye. “My coworker thought something was broken on the camera,” she said. It could have been a meteor, but it was moving too slowly and seemingly too close to the ground. A plane, perhaps? “I checked online, there weren’t any flights that I could find at that time.” Buckrail also checked the flight log database on US Department of Transportation website and no flights are recorded in that airspace at that time. (more at source)

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Scott Waring

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