Date of discovery: 2019-2020
Location of sighting: Cornwall, England

Strange figures were found on some rocks in Cornwall, just a few hundred km from where Stonehenge is located. These figure had heads and eyes like those of aliens. One even had a halo like light around its head, but doesn't resemble any biblical person ever mentioned looking more like a reptile than a human. There are many strange stones located around that area of England and the explanations of why there are there and the purpose is still a mystery. 

This does however look like an ancient recording onto stone of aliens contacting humans thousands of years ago in England. Alien life spans are no limited like our own. The aliens that are recorded on those stones...they are still alive and out there. For them, sightings of them are frequent because of the long lives they live of thousands and millions or more year old. For us, the sightings seem periodic and huge amounts of time in between, because our lives as humans are all too short. You see...the difference in age of each of our species causes a huge difficulty in understanding why aliens don't work on our time frame. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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Scott Waring

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