Date of discovery: May 28, 2020
Location of  discovery: Yukatan
Google Coordinates:  20°58'18.24"N   90°17'0.13"W

I was using Google Earth to look for UFOs and alien bases, when I accidentally came across this plane crash. One wing is partly buried under the trees but its clear that its a plane. The plane measures 20 meters from nose to tail and 28 meters from wing tip to wing tip. The plane appears to be whole and could probably fly again if it was retrieved and repaired. However I do believe that the pilot may be dead in side since it hit the trees and branches may have broken through the cockpit windows. I don't see any trials going in or out of that area, so I believe this crash to be unknown or undiscovered until now. 

Its not the only plane crash I have discovered. I found flight MH370 under 3 meters of water off the coast of Cape of Good Hope, South Africa on Google Earth Map. I reported it to the Airline that lost it, but they didn't respond, probably because if the flight is found, they will be forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to the families. If its not found, they they only pay a tiny sum. Therefore they don't wont to find it. 
Scott C. Waring 

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Scott Waring

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