Hey everyone. Today I decided to try something different. I thought of a way to help China and help ourselves. I sent a tweet to the Chinese government telling them of a plan that would distract people from the virus. I mean full disclosure. Yes you heard me right. If the Chinese government admits that they have been in contact with intelligent aliens, show photographic or video proof and disclosure details of the interaction...then the world will remember China for something other than a virus. The whole world would have endless questions for the Chinese about the aliens species they met, where they were from and so on. 

This is not to downplay coronavirus, its happening no matter what. But China might actually be in the mood right now to talk about something other than that virus. And thats what I'm giving them the chance to do. 

Look at the tweets below and think about it. I sure hope they do.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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