Date of sighting: June 18, 2020
Location of sighting: Benicia, California, USA
Source: MUFON

Watch as this family panics trying to get the mother to come out of the house to see the UFO fleet above. They were so scared that they shook while holding the camera and only caught the fleet in about 30% of the video. Thats what makes me know its real. Its a real authentic reaction to such an event. Awesome video, but to see them well, please pause the video at parts. I made some close ups in the video so please make it full screen when you watch. 

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Eyewitness states: 
White orbs seen high in the sky from backyard. Approximately 3 or so at first appearance , three objects looked like they were dropped from the sky and coming toward earth, meanwhile noticed the 100 or so orbs farther up in the sky. Orbs stayed in random, stationary pattern then most of the group floated East, while apx six orbs remained hovering In groups of two. Through binoculars it appeared that an elongated object was hanging down from the center, bottom of the closer orbs but still to far away to see definition. First segments of video clip show Orbs as white dots in the sky. Stop video to view orbs more definitively.

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