Date of interview: Oct 5, 2018
Location of video: Hollywood, California, USA

Now here is something I haven't seen before. Lady Gaga did an interview on the Late Show and she admitted by accident that she likes to SHAPESHIFT. Its a known fact that aliens live among us, most are not here to help as much as profit off the human race and create a luxury lifestyle for themselves. Lady Gaga may be one of them. The reptilian species is known to have a powerful technological cloaking device around their body that makes them appear human. But this cloak sometimes fails and for a few seconds  shows the true species they are. Lady Gaga however accidentally admitted the truth...that she can shapeshift. Reptilians are known for choosing to be shapeshift into being beautiful women due to the men around them overlooking their extreme intelligent due to being blinded by the woman beauty. I think this is the case here. It looks like Lady Gaga is an alien and accidentally revealed it to the world in her on words on national TV. Don't take my word for the video...and take her word for it instead. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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