Date of discovery: I found back in 2004
Location of discovery: Mars canyon called Valles Marineris
Source photo:

Hey, I found this face way back in 2004, one year before Youtube existed. I did make a video of it about twelve years ago, but the quality is fuzzy and blurry. So I made a new one in HD. 

The face has remarkable detail to it. It has a face that is a combination of a human face with a cat. The face is an alien species and does depict the true features of the aliens face. This tells us so much. They have technology on their face, maybe to help them do more. The right side cheek has a bulky tech section that has some unknown function. There is also tech going over the right eye and into the left ear. But thats not the amazing thing. The truly mind blowing thing is that there is a third eye. Yes, is golden unlike the other two red eyes. It may have a use or may be symbolic. The third eye is suppose to be a metal ability to transcend space and time and transport you to a plain of higher consciousness. Also, did you notice the green in the area on the face? There is a grass like plant growing around there. Green...on Mars? This is 100% proof that intelligent life and plant life exist on Mars. But the real question would humans react if standing infant of an alien with this face? 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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Scott Waring

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