Date of sighting: Feb 15, 2020
Location of sighting: Mount Fuji, Japan

This is some still photography made into a video and its more than breathtaking, its 100% evidence that aliens hide ships inside clouds. This particular cloud actually glows from within itself. Dark on the top and dark on the bottom the light emirates through its sides glowing a bright yellow. Although it was recorded back in February, this is one remarkable sighting and extraordinary poof that alien ships form clouds around them. This UFO was heading to Mt Fuji. Ancient volcanos were a common entrance for alien ships long ago to enter and exit the alien base that sits 5-6km below the surface. Today its less easy for them to go unseen, since video recorders, live cams and cell phones exist. With this technology so common and in the hands of most of the public, its just a matter of time before the world governments come out and reveal the truth...that aliens exist. 
Scott C. Waring 

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Scott Waring

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