Here is an interesting eyewitness who started getting visits from an aliens when he was only age 4. He felt intimidated and frighted of the creature and never had any positive experiences with them. The same aliens comes to see him every few years and the eyewitness feels victimised by the alien, violated and abused. 

He tries to tell the world that aliens are evil and should be feared. I believe he is wrong. You see there are many alien species out there not just one. He only had interactions with a single alien from a single species. To judge an entire species by one individual is insane. You just can't do that. Thats like aliens judging humans by using only one individual...Trump. We are not all Trumps. We prize our individuality and uniqueness and most alien species probable do too. 

So as you see, his interview is legit, his fear and anger is real, but when we react in anger our minds are not fully in control. Are there alien species to be feared? Yes of course. Are there humans to be feared? Yes, of course. So...lets look for the good ones. 
Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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