Date of sighting: May 5, 2019
Location of sighting: Sun

This video contains many UFOs shooting out of our sun and around the SOHO satellite. Its amazing that so many videos of UFOs exist and yet the US government wont take any of it seriously. Which means they are deliberately hiding the truth from the public. 

This video was posted by SolarBug of Youtube. (click link to follow him) He caught many UFOs shooting out of our sun, but also caught some life forms that look almost squid like in nature. These longer life forms may have been close to the SOHO sun satellite or not too far away and got caught in the video. 

The screenshot above shows three black UFOs shooting out of the suns explosion, yet just 3 seconds earlier there were three white UFOs in the exact same position also shooting out of the sun. It would be logical to conclude the aliens crafts caused the solar flare to take place. 

However about four to six other objects papers to zoom out in a loop that moves towards the explosion, through it and away from the sun. I assume its an illusion and the life forms are actually much close to the satellite. These long life forms have a front that is almost catfish like...they have 4-6 feelers or antenna sticking out the front of the creatures. Yes, life exists everywhere, not all life forms need planets to exist. 

Thanks to SolarBug for this awesome discovery. 
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Scott C. Waring
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Scott Waring

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